Our Purpose

The purpose of Bikers for Christ (BFC) is to serve God Almighty in the person of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by bringing the gospel message of salvation to the lost and to minister to the needs of bikers, prostitutes, prisoners, the homeless, the battered and bruised, the defenseless, the unloved and the unlovable in the name of Jesus. 


We Serve God 

BFC is a ministry that serves the God of the Bible, the only God, the Creator of the universe, the Savior and the Redeemer of all people. We serve no other purpose, person, philosophy, thing, government, or power. We are dedicated to the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


We Ride Motorcycles 

BFC uses motorcycles as a way to reach out to others. Motorcycling brings us into contact who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and who need love and care. We support motorcycling in its many forms, the culture that has developed around it and the riders out on the road. 


We Support Our Government 

BFC is not politically oriented or affiliated, but we recognize the duty of everyone to be good citizens. We encourage participation in the political process, obedience of all laws that do not contravene the laws of God, and regular prayer for elected and appointed leaders. 


We Support Our Families 

BFC supports the God-ordained structure of the basic family unit. We firmly acknowledge that the priority of our lives must first include our spouse and children and that they are our primary ministry. BFC does not support any cause or movement that works to destroy the Biblically based family unit of marriage between a man and a woman. We also recognize that children need as much time with loving parents as possible in order to grow into Godly adults. At the same time, we fully support those who choose to remain single in order to serve God in this way. 


We Support The Church 

BFC supports the local Christian church. We require BFC members and encourage those to whom we minister to be members of a local Christian church and to actively attend. At every level - internationally, nationally, and locally - BFC operates in such a way as to be accountable to a local church for its behavior and conduct. Members of Bikers for Christ come from many different Christian churches and each chapter is accountable to the local church for the conduct of its ministry. 


We Support Other Motorcycle Ministries 

BFC supports all other legitimate Christian motorcycle ministries and their efforts to bring the lost to Jesus Christ. BFC does not in any way act to obstruct, injure, or damage the testimony or work of any other motocycle ministry. We are all on the same side; we all have one Lord and Savior. That does not mean BFC necessarily agrees with every other ministry or supports their activities. Each organization is accountable to God.


We Don't Compete With Anyone 

BFC does not compete with any other motorcycle ministry, club, gang, church, or organization for members, turf, territories, property, status, or recognition. We strive not to antagonize other groups, and for that reason, BFC members do not display the letters "M/C" along with their back patch and do not wear a rocker denoting a region or territory. 


We Are Not A Commercial Venture 

BFC is strictly non-profit and does not seek or accept any paid sponsorship in exchange for advertising of any kind. The purpose of BFC is not to sponsor products or services, endorse a particular business over another, or provide a vehicle for commercial advertising. Free will donations toward the ministry are gladly accepted, but BFC reserves the right to refuse donations from persons or organizations that do not uphold our principles. 


We Wear Patches 

BFC International produces and sells to members in good standing a back patch, arm patch, and other materials bearing the BFC logo. No object, patch, shirt, or other product bearing the BFC logo (other than items specifically designed as "support" items) may be sold or distributed to non-members. Members who are not in good standing (backsliden, fallen away, resigned, in violation of condition #4 of the official BFC application) cannot purchase or display BFC membership materials. 


We Do Not Discriminate 

BFC accepts all Christian bikers regardless of race, creed, color, gender, political affiliation, Christian church denomination, profession, make or model of motorcycle*, manner of dress, or hair style. Nevertheless, BFC reserves the right to refuse membership based on sexual orientation (homosexuality), membership in a non-Christian church, sins described on the BFC application, or other issues related to a person's character, morals, or ethics. However, some occupations can be counter productive to our mission.


*Motor-scooters, mopeds, motorized bicycles, and non-street-legal dirt bikes do not qualify as "motorcycles" for the purposes of BFC membership. 

"Some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bells.  We want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell."

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