A Great Evening
Thank You, Pastor Ski !

Servant to Jesus Christ

& Senior Pastor

Rushing Wind Biker Church - Holbrook, NY

& State Elder

Bikers For Christ - New York State

Born and raised here on Long Island I’ve been around here quite a long time, a half century or so to be exact. So I’m a little familiar with LonGilanders. Believe me when I say I never thought in my wildest dreams thought I’d be where God has me today, but as I’ve come to realize God does have a sense of humor.

Though very quiet and reserved for the first half of my life, I believe God did a very slow transformation in my life for many reasons. Some people called to God’s service get instant, or seemingly instant revelation and transformation in their life and go on to have dynamic, productive lives in Christ. I, on the other hand, had a very slow growth curve in my Christian life. I have spent over two thirds of my life running from God, trying to master this life on my own terms, trying to convince myself I could be a successful man, husband and father in my own strength and on my own terms. Well let’s just say I could write volumes on 
why it don’t work.

Makin every mistake you could make, for good reasons and for bad ones, I led an exemplary life of how not to do life. The amazing thing to me is God extended so much grace to me for no apparent reason other than he loved me. I have the same beautiful wife I married 37+ years ago despite my every attempt to sabotage my marriage. My 3 boys are a blessing when in today’s environment I gave them every reason to not be. I was all about me, even being a regular church goer for many years. From Bay Shore, Long Island originally, gave my life to Christ over 35 years ago.

Life has been a hell of a ride, and just gets better every day. Three sons and two grandsons and a very blessed family. Not at all what I deserve because I was in blatant rebellion for much of those 35 years. A long time as the church going, lazy Christian just kind of going through the motions. Felt a need to draw close to God maybe 10-12 years ago, due to the realization all I could do in this life was mess it 
up. A sinner on many levels that sabotaged 2 businesses, 6 or more other career paths, and should have cost me my family and marriage. But God is faithful, and eventually reacted to him reaching out to me. Bought a bike almost 10 years ago, and almost immediately God said this is the tool He would  use in my life to show himself to the world through my life.

Found my calling as a missionary and evangelist to the biker community, then in May 2006 had a major Motorcycle accident that should have cost me my life. But once again God was merciful to me and my family and life became real and serious, and I was appointed for a defined mission. From that point 120% in Gods service to bikers, particularly here, on Long Island. I was called to start a church, a place of refuge and a sanctuary for those needing a nontraditional environment to draw close to God. A calling to be a Pastor was never my idea, but when God sends you respond. Otherwise he will put you on a shelf. Now, almost 5 years after we started the church, we are growing, I am growing, and the grace that comes through Jesus Christ has touched many, and many more are being drawn. 

At this stage in my life, I feel like I’m living a dream. I love what I do, I love the bikers and all in the community I am blessed to serve. With my wife at my side, we are full throttle for Jesus and this quest to bring God’s love to a very challenging community. 

- Pastor Ski, aka Ski-man, aka Joe Marchelewski

We are Bikers For Christ, an organization formed in 1990 to serve motorcycle clubs, bikers, and the folks who have joined a community and culture of bikers. We are looking to expand our biker ministry in the Capital District so that we can better serve the motorcycle community in this area.  


As a service organization, we organize and participate in benefit rides, minister in hospitals to injured bikers, and support others in the name of Christ.  Our goal is to bring the love of Jesus to a community and culture that desperately needs to feel the love and hope God has for them.


If you are a biker, someone who enjoys the feel of the wind in your face and the sun on your back, and are a follower of Jesus Christ, then this just might be a fit for you to serve God and people. We’re hosting a get-together and information night on Thursday, August 23rd to answer any questions you may have (details below). This is your invitation, with no commitment needed to attend! I’d love to meet you personally and share what God is doing through Bikers For Christ.

Thursday, August 23rd, 7 PM

Community Life Church of Catsklill

20 West Main Street

Catskill, NY 12414

"Some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bells.  We want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell."

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